Deaf Celebration Expo 2017 – Don’t Forget to Pre-Register Today!

Deaf Celebration Expo 2017

Pre-register to avoid long lines!

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Address: 300 Trinity Campus Circle, Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Garage parking lots at Belknap and Cherry Streets


Day Pass (Exhibitions) 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM & Night Pass (Entertainment) 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

The Deaf Celebration Expo is an exciting event that brings the Deaf and hearing communities together. Our goal is to bring 50 exhibitors who will have booths consisting of: hobbies, arts and crafts, home businesses, deaf culture info, technology, memorabilia, government services, interpreting, education, and much more!

Alex Abenchuchan, famous Deaf ASL Newsman from Daily Moth will be participating during the day and the night show!

See Alex’s special video!

* We will sell prize raffle and entertainment ticket during the day and at the door.
** We will have Crepe Crazy 24-feet food truck selling foods all day in front of the college.

Night-time Entertainment with

Jose Granda – ASL Storytelling & Poetry
Heath Devin Goodall – ASL Storytelling

General information:
Booth Information:

Volunteer Opportunities! Interpreters, Students, and deaf  in general welcome!

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A special thank you to Signs2Go, Crepe Crazy and Hired Hands!

List of Vendors

Here is list of vender booths as of 8/31/2017! We have several more pending on approval and will update the list as soon as possible.

  1. 7K  Metals – Paul Horlacher
  2. ACRI Windows – Tony Acri
  3. Apple I Love You – Yvonne Apple
  4. Bode Pro –  Robin Matteo
  5. Callie’s ASL & Art – Rick’s Birdhouse –  Callie Foster
  6. Captel Outreach – Mary C. Hess
  7. Carlo’s Stained Glass –  Carlos Hernandez
  8. Catholic Dioces of FTW – David Cassanva
  9. Cochlear American – Cathy Mauneliti
  10. Collin College – Meredith Wang
  11. Dallas Association of the Deaf  – Ron Smith
  12. Deaf Action Center (Deaf Advocacy) –  Shawn Frazer
  13. Deaf Action Center (Interpreting Services) –  Eric Patterson
  14. Deaf Action Center Fort Worth   –   Stap Outreach Specialist
  15. Deaf Bible Society – Brandon Gaskin
  16. Deaf Celebration – Committee
  17. Deaf Grassroot Movement of Texas – Donald Stewart
  18. DSDFWM (Deaf Seniors of Dallas/Ft Worth Metropolex) – Susan Pochop
  19. FWRDSDAA (Ft. Worth Region Day School for the Deaf Alumni) – Pamela Perez
  20. Garoner’s Kitchen – Terry Garoner
  21. Hannah Mann Art – Hannah Mann
  22. High Tide Scuba/Water Sports – Keven Williams
  23. Hired Hands, Inc. – Debbie M. DiPaolo
  24. Indian Creek Dental –  Laureli Kuhlman
  25. JMA (Jean Massieu Academy)   – Bill Green
  26. KFA Art/ Craftiques – Kathy Abraham/Fisher
  27. Martha’s Creative Crafts – Martha Holm
  28. Mike’s Crafts & Arts – Michael DeJacimo
  29. New Life Deaf Fellowship – Josh Bonjour
  30. Nopadol Group LLC – Robert Napado
  31. Ora Lee Benton’s Wood –  Ora Lee Benton
  32. Providence Place – Terri Gutierrez
  33. Real Time Pain Relief – Beth Renfro
  34. L. Congregation of J.W. FTW – Brian Moore
  35. Scentsy – Allison Woods
  36. Signs2Go – Phyllis Bullon
  37. Silent Friends Chapel –
  38. Sorenson VRS – Kristi Mnich
  39. Tarrant County College – Sammie Shepherd
  40. The Daily Moth – Alex Abenchuchan
  41. Unique Creation – Faizah Din
  42. UT Arlington Disability Studies Minor – Sarah  Rose
  43. Vertical Roofing – Amadeo Jaramillo

Deaf Celebration 2017 T-Shirt

Deaf Celebration 2017 T-Shirt

Good News!!! We will sell those fabulous Deaf Celebration 2017 T-Shirts at the expo!

The quantity is limited!

Thank you for your continues support Deaf Celebration 2017!

See you there! Don’t forget to sign up pre-registration online!

Deaf Celebration Committee